Natural Olive Oil Soaps


A Dove with an olive branch.

The use of olive oil for skincare,  is long going tradition, developed  naturally in the Middle East.

The effect of olive oil on human health has been since, scientifically proven in numerous studies.

olive oil products category 01

The first product developed with olive oil appart for edible oil, was the soap.

Farmers would bring their produce from the olive harvest to the olive presses, and around those developed an industry of soap making.

olive oil

Each family and its winning magic formula for better quality soap. The quality of the oil and herbs used were part of the formula.

We, the family of the Jerusalem Fever Boutique,  made it our goal to find for you the finest quality natural olive oil soaps produced in Israel. And for the last few years, we’ve been looking for the most reliable and best soap artists.

olive oil rute

We have tried on our skin every single soap we chose to sell at the Jerusalem Fever Boutique. And we love them.


Large range of olive oil soaps, made with love in the Galile.





Camel Milk and Olive oil soap. Queen Cleopatra bathed in fresh camel milk. The camel milk has an amazing range of properties for the skin and body.


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